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Jacobs Engineering

Jacobs Engineering relocated their international Headquarters in 2013 and changed to an open office floor plan. Maximizing natural daylighting was at the top of the list of requirements for the space. Interior Services worked with Jacobs, the design team led by Richard Keating, and with Turelk, the General Contractor to select, install and commission a shading system that provides optimal daylight harvesting while controlling glare. The biggest challenge of this project was sufficiently educating the occupants and helping them to understand and appreciate the intelligence behind MechoShade’s SunDialer shade control system. In response, Interior Services built a 17 page PDF document that is shared with all occupants which clearly lays out the anticipated location of the shades throughout the day and clearly spells out how the real-time sky condition and local switch override controls interact with the SunDialer automation.



Turelk – Los Angeles, CA

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